Sunday, November 25, 2012

United Colors of Benetton

by Katrin Kuncheva

Advertisements are the strongest weapon of marketing, they are the main reason for increasing the sales and interest around the company’s products. The sensation and the provocation cause attention, which leads to knowledge and sales respectively. Many brands are using thะตse two methods to be seen and remembered. The marketing trick - "scandalous" images is well-known in the world.

Italian company "Benetton" uses this kind of trick from the beginning of its foundation in 1950. The popular brand presents once per year scandalous ads and they become the subject of discussion worldwide. Nowadays the Italian company has developed the strategy to such an extent that the media around the world expects their new advertisement.
Luciano Benetton, the creator of the brand “Benetton” is one of the most scandalous designers. His ads represent what unites and what separates people. Basic themes are: sex, religion, race, life and death. Power and money are not included, despite they are so desired by people. Both of them belong to the high society and Benetton wants to reach only the people on the street- they are the main audience to which the message is made for. Advertising photos concern everything real people are involved in their life- from the birth to the death. Benetton brand is like a world speaker. The audience is truly inspired and reacts positively or negatively.
One of their advertisements is connected with AIDS. This theme is not a taboo, people are just afraid of it. The posters don’t give any indication of how to treat  people who have AIDS- whether to be tolerant or not. This debate is beyond advertising, it’s in the society. The purpose is only to say that the phenomenon exists.
The text in the green is the company’s logo, which is on each of the Benetton’s ads says: “United Colors of Benetton”. This is the message of the company to the world.

The brand addresses its vision using the opinion of the individual rather than the consumer. The company can identify its target group not based on age or income, but rather a shared vision of what is important in life, starting from a set of common values.
Another photo shows religious and sexual conflict (a priest kissing a nun). These conflicts are a consequence of taboos.
"Benetton" provokes, scandalizes and of course unites. The focus has shifted from the clothes to the world around us and the problems of everyday life. The audience is attracted, each consumer interprets the message in their own way and most importantly, remembers it longer.

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