Sunday, November 25, 2012

Big Rock Advert_Specsavers Company

by Oana Naiman

       Specsavers is an international company providing eye care service, glasses and contact lenses all over the Europe and across the Globe. In order to enhance the awareness towards their products and to make them more appealing for possible customers, the company decided to use media advertising. Big Rock advert was created by SMART in 2012 and it was first launched in Australia.

       The advertisement features a young couple: the man wants to propose to his girlfriend, but she mistakes the engagement ring for a stone and skims it across the water. First of all, I might say that the target audience is represented by wealthy people of all ages and backgrounds, as the actors do not seem to have a shoestring budget vacation. The landscape, probably somewhere in Ireland, and the ring box suggest something about their financial situation and their prospects.

       The text message is objective and convincing, but in the same time, it emphasizes an embarrassing and tough situation in a humorous manner.  The technique used to persuade the viewer into buying Specsavers products is associated with the sense of fulfillment and happiness, which in this unique situation, only a new pair of glasses can bring. The man’s reaction when his girlfriend throws away the ring, shows the importance of being capable to see the world as it is, and to pay attention at every single thing in order to succeed in life and to be happy.

       On the other hand, the commercial does not talk about their products quality and the advantage of purchasing form their stores. At the end of the advertisement, it is said that the company offers a 50% off for glasses over $179.
       In conclusion, the aim of this advertisement is to encourage people to put their trust in Specsavers Company and to purchase products in order to enrich their lives.

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