Monday, November 26, 2012

Pepsi vs Coke

by Rosi Otilia

The main topic of this video is to highlight the supremacy of the Pepsi’s products against the Coca Cola’s ones. The message shown in this video is definitely created by the Pepsi’ s promoting team. The video seems to be produced and directed quite well concerning the main line and the plot. The commercial was made in 2005, therefore the images are of low quality, but the action is fully organized and easy to follow. There is no speaking during this video, as a result the message is communicated through the boy’s point of view.

The target audience is widely represented by the consumer of any gender or age, meaning any person who can afford or usually buys such products. The storyline of this video presents a little boy who buys 2 coke bottles from a vending machine and then uses them to get to the button for the Pepsi ones.

         The main tool of persuasion is the kid’s behavior in order to get what he wants, even if it means spending more money to reach it. His attitude is meant to induce the idea of better quality, in spite the cost and the superiority of the Pepsi brand to the customer.

       The point of view revealed in this video, is generally referred to the competition between today’s most known brands. The untold part of the story is the effect of these goods on our organism and how dangerous they can become when excessively consumed.

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