Monday, November 12, 2012

Ads about toys for little kids

by Borislav Zahariev (Bulgaria)

Filmsadsblogs, TV showsYoutube videos – everything is with commercial purposes.Everything on the TV we see,everything that we hear on the radio, everything we read about is invented for advertising.Every bilbord, every newspaper. Everything.

I would like to talk about the comersials about toys for little kids. Everyone knows that our kids (not mine, I’m too young for having a kids) cant live without cartoons. They cant live without toys. Everybody knows that kids love watching „Cartoon Network”, „Disney Chanel”, „Boomerang” etc. But have you noticed that between every funny film there is about one-two hundreds of commercials. Commercials about toys, clothes and other stuff that your kid will want.

Let’s see an example : Your kid is watcing „Ben 10” and when the show ends, there is a commercial where there is the Ben 10s transforming clock and then your kid see that thing and think that with this clock he/she will be like Ben 10 and wants you to buy the clock. This commercial is made by the „Ben 10” creators so they can make money from the show. The creators of the ads know that you will do everything for your child and you can’t watch him/her getting sad because he/she don’t have that toy and they’re using that for making money.

The commercials for toys are addresed for the little kids watching TV. They are so easy to be persuated. They are persuated by pictures, videos and that kind of things about what they want and there is no way that they won’t believe  the commercial and if you want to be the ‘best parent’, you must buy them that ‘the thing’.What kids don’t realise is that commercials lie.They lie about everything. About the quality of the stock, about the numbers of the products that they will send you and kids doesn’t understand that. They dont understand how hard is to make money and that everyone is doing everything for money. They don’t understand that the people behind the ads are doing that just for money for their families.

I don't have anything against commersials because I know how hard is to earn some money and I dont blame them for „doing their work”. I blame them because they lie about the quality of the products but there is nothing I can do about that. I can’t stop them and I won’t try, because it’s stupid to be agains the commercials,ads,Youtube videos and etc. Besides that, I also learn new things with the commercials.

Borislav Zahariev

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