Friday, November 30, 2012


by Loredana Barbu 

"The dark night rises”, also called Batman 3, is an impressive movie due to its scenario.  In the movie, the director uses variety of scenes to involve the audience. On the other hand, the spectators can experience all the drama, action and romance storylines, because this movie confers it all.

In the beginning of the movie, the producer uses a way to transmit a pleasurable context, which can later involve the audience in the movie actively. The cliff hanging makes people think that they “can take the action in their hands” and make a real connection between the person and the screen.

During the movie, the producer wants you to make psychological judgments and to think about how the movie ends. This can make an uncomfortable mood, but also a good one, this means that not only the director or the scriptwriter has to offer and send a positive and peaceful scene, but also the people who are looking at the movie have to perceive the message correctly and to be in the mood to see it.

The emotional scene also exists, highlighted at the end of the movie, when Batman helps the whole population of one city and no one knows if he was still alive. The filmmakers want the audience to be involved until the end of the movie, so they create an interesting end that makes people think differently on how to interpret it.

To draw a conclusion, the producer of the movie dislikes the fact that the audience is not involved, that so he created amazing scenes that make us think about, even when the movie has finished.     

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