Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Distance Learning Lectures "Media Literacy"

"Capturing Reality" kicks off by conducting e-learning workshops and lectures, using an e-learning platform with audio and video link. The Distance Learning course is made out of series of lectures that will help the students to access, analyze, evaluate and create media messages of all kinds. 

Assignment 1:
As part of the first lecture of the Distance Learning Media Literacy Lectures, the students had an assignment where they had to chose a media product, like a film, ad, blog, TV show, Youtube video, etc. and try to deconstruct its media message. They had to write a short analysis of the ‘hidden message’ (300-500 words), and use the following deconstruction questions:

1. Whose message is this? Who created or paid for it? Why?
2. Who is the “target audience”? What are the clues (words, images, sounds, etc.)?
3. What “tools of persuasion” are used?
4. What part of the story is not being told?

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