Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fast food advertisements

Fast food advertisements
Miroslav Zahariev (Bulgaria)

McDonald’s is one of the biggest fast food corporations. They make advertisements of all their new products, which have to persuade the “target audience” which is mainly young people with little free time who don’t have the opportunity to have a healthy eating lifestyle.

The advertisements are made by the McDonald’s corporation and they are a marketing trick for which they pay to a special crew of people who have to make the ad look great and show how happy are the people when they eat from McDonald’s.
Whit all the people on the advertisements who are smiling and laughing and the happy children and pretty lades selling the fast food, they are trying to persuade the “target audience” that eating their food is going to make their life happier and that it is healthy to eat all this junk food.

Nevertheless, in the advertisement they are not telling about the high prices of their products and all the strange chemicals used to make their food that looks still fresh after a long a long period of time. They are not telling about the old cooking oil, which they are using to cook the tons of French fries and the cholesterol that causes heart attacks and many other health problems.
They are also not telling that over 60 % of the American population is suffering from overweight because of their brand.

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